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Our Approach

We recognize that every successful public policy campaign is built on four pillars: communications, grassroots mobilization, government relations, and research. Clients rarely win without a strong, coordinated campaign that brings each of these components to bear. Our experience has taught us that the key to success is a tightly coordinated ‘inside’ and ‘outside’ game backed by sound research. The government relations effort will not work in a vacuum. No matter how compelling the message might be, it must reflect the local political reality of those lawmakers and other decision-makers critical to a client’s success.

In managing dozens of high-stakes campaigns, we have learned that an earned media and grassroots campaign must be designed to impact, very specifically, key decision-makers.

And facts still matter. Lawmakers and their staff, as well as reporters and assignment editors, will ask hard, pointed questions and clients must be able to respond with facts that stand up to scrutiny.

We also appreciate that each client has unique challenges. We immerse ourselves in learning everything we can about our clients and the challenges they face. One client may need to launch an aggressive Earned Media campaign designed to move, for instance, members of the House or Senate Appropriations Committees. Another client may have a very specific regulatory challenge that may require entirely different strategy.

We enjoy strong relationships with media around the state and with the key decision-makers in the state Capitol, across Pennsylvania and in Washington, D.C. These relationships position us to assist clients in developing and executing plans designed for both the ‘inside-the-beltway’ and the ‘real world’ campaigns. Finally, our team is accustomed to teaming with other consultants, as well as in-house communications and government relations professionals.